About Robert Womack

Robert Womack's Early Life

Robert Alexander Womack was born April 9, 1956, the oldest of 7 children in Halifax, Virginia. He was a fraternal twin and the oldest boy born to an African American father and a Cherokee Indian mother.

Bob Womack was a precocious and ambitious child. He worked to help the family after his parent’s divorce at the age of 14. Attempting to help his mother raise the rest of the kids, he saved money for college. Even at his high school job, he became an assistant manager within a short period of time.

These early influences would later come into play when he worked with the LA gang kid’s charity, “Give Kids a Break”, over a 18 year period of time. Bob worked with Steve, his partner, with over 850 teens and gang kids returning them to responsible, productive members of society. Employing less fortunate teens for their business, they provided structure, discipline and mentorship, giving hope and purpose to many young men.

Robert Womack's Career

Bob Womack finished his high school years in Albany, New York in 1974. He holds a Bachelors Degree in Advertising and Fine Arts (1977), a BFA degree in Fine Arts and Advertising Design from the Fashion Institute of Technology in New York City (1979). He attended the American Academy of Dramatic Art Studio in New York City (1988-89). Studying acting and drama, he was a part of the Roundabout Theatre in NYC and Alan Fleisig Studios. His film credits include starring roles in “Bloodshed and Emeralds” (as a vampire...see picture below)and “Kill ‘Em”.

Robert Womack starring in the film “Bloodshed and Emeralds

Bob Womack starring in the film “Bloodshed and Emeralds”

Bob has worked for places such as Saks Fifth Avenue, Morgan Stanley, Bloomingdales’ of New York, Sport Style Magazine, Charles of the Ritz Ltd, Flair Magazine, Macy’s Herald Square, Wondermin Worldwide Advertising, and Ciani Jewelry Company as Graphic Designer/ Artist and Art Director to name only a few. As a staff and freelance artist, he worked in fashion, retail advertising, and mail-order catalogues along with directing photography shoots.

Continuing with several other ad agencies and magazines over a 10 year span he met his future business partner and best friend, Steve Allen Kaufman

Robert Womack on Meeting Steve Kaufman

He grew up loving art and wanted to be part of it. Responding to a Boy’s Life Magazine ad for a cartoon at the age of 10, he received a response that he was very advanced for his age and should continue with his pursuit in drawing and art. He knew he had found his passion.

His high school art teacher in Albany, Miss Keeney, took a liking to the young teenager and inspired his talents. Encouraging his artwork, he sold 2 of his oil paintings at the local high school art show at the age of 15. Pursuing college, he was excited when he was selected to attend the Fashion Institute of Technology. He majored in illustration, fine arts, graphics, advertising, interior design, art history, and calligraphy at FIT in Manhattan., He took acting and radio broadcasting classes in his graduating years.

He met what was to be his future partner in business, Steve Kaufman in 1988 in the Riverdale Bronx area one cold morning. In 2 degree below zero weather while trying to get his motorcycle started, Bob remembers hearing a voice saying, “It won’t start, will it?” This simple jovial conversation started the unlikely pairing of Robert Womack, and the young Jewish entrepreneur. They found they had much in common including humor, a love of life, people and art. Bob was 32 and Steve was 28 years old and they both had a sense of adventure.

While working at Morgan Stanley as a graphic designer, a fast friendship and A close working business partnership followed and they decided to do several projects together. In his teenage years, Steve Kaufman had been a former assistant of Andy Warhol. He had been attempting to follow the pop artist culture ever since and had an ongoing relationship with Mr. Warhol. When Bob worked on the early projects with Steve, Warhol had some definite influence in the way they did art together.

See Robert Womack's Marilyn Monroe Paintings.

They would go on to do very successful projects like promoting disco clubs in the Manhattan area. Being versatile Bob was able to be a disc jockey, bartend and stand in as security. Bob helped advertise and promote the shows successfully over a 3- year period. Meanwhile, they continued with several art shows together in Manhattan, selling pop and fine art paintings, including wall mural paintings in the AIDS fight for a cure.

In the summer of ‘93 they decided to form a permanent partnership. They moved to sunny California to take their art to a broader audience and higher level of exposure. Although each artist was prolific and talented in their respective area, they agreed to combine forces. Robert Womack agreed to help run the company and assist Steve with the artistic concepts in the art projects that Steve did.

Many types of outdoor art shows followed over a 2-year period including shows in Laguna and Beverly Hills. Martin Lawrence Gallery took notice of Steve Kaufman’s art and decided to show the art exclusively. Martin Lawrence Gallery was looking for a new, upcoming Pop artist. Meanwhile, Warner Brother’s art department wanted Steve’s unique cartoon caricatures. In an amazingly short period of time, this Pop art took the world by storm. Steve had become known as the premier Pop artist of the world.

Many celebrities such as Mohammed Ali, John Travolta, Tom Arnold, Arnold Schwarzenegger, Lorenzo Lamas, Peter Fonda, Jay Leno, Whitney Houston, Madonna, BB King, Lee Iacocca, and Frank Sinatra commissioned the art. Click here to see Bob's Musician Paintings and Celebrity Paintings.

Robert Womack's Charitable work

Robert Womack

The newspapers cited Frank Sinatra weeping at the art that had been produced of him. Politicians such as President Bill Clinton were demanding the art for their private collections. Many politicians and their wives such as Nancy Reagan were praising the work of the artists not only for the art itself but for the tremendous charitable work they had created. Over time they had been involved in over 17 different non-profit and charitable organizations designed to give back to their communities.

Robert Womack also participated in the “Love Ride” motorcycle charity for muscular dystrophy where he met the host, Jay Leno and celebrities such as Peter Fonda, Lorenzo Lamas, Dwight Yoakum, and David Croft. Each year Steve donated some of his art for this benefit. Robert Womack especially enjoyed working on a commissioned piece of art for John Travolta at Paramount Productions Studio for a charity event.

A busy hotspot demanding Steve Kaufman’s work for the celebrities and boxing community was Las Vegas. At Caesar’s Palace alone, a massive wall mural in 2003 was built for their 50 -year anniversary celebration while new construction was done behind this mural (expanding the Hotel Casino).

Steve Kaufman and Bob Womack participated in the AIDS fight for a cure, a tribute to 9/11, and the Jewish Holocaust. These were only a few examples of the many philanthropic projects they were involved in.

Although Andy Warhol was a great pop artist, he rarely gave to charity. These artists, however, decided to take their artwork a step further, and give back to their communities and the world at large after such prolific success.

Steve Kaufman art is exhibited in over 30 museums and art galleries all over the world. This includes countries such as Japan, Germany, Switzerland, Scotland, London, England, Amsterdam as well as the Vatican, White House, and Smithsonian Institute.

Bob Womack's art has been exhibited in Vatican and The White House.  President Obama and Michelle Obama were so happy with his art that they sent him a certified letter thanking him for his art which would hang in the White House of their family.

In 2007, Steve Kaufman painted and designed a Formula I race car called “We The People” which reflected the American Flag and all the countries of the world designed to create unity.

Robert Womack's Film and acting career

Bob Womack starring in the film “Bloodshed and Emeralds”

Among Bob Womack’s many accomplishments and one of his favorite dramatic roles, was a film he starred called "Bloodshed and Emeralds"...see the link on You Tube.com and enter Bloodshedandemeralds for the trailor or www.Quaintfilms.com directed by Jodie Ann Wells.

He also played 5 characters in the movie “Kill’ Em”, produced by Steve Kaufman and Bulldog Productions. Among some of the partnered work, Bob and Steve formed their own successful studio production company, Bulldog Productions, as well as launching their own clothing line featuring Steve’s unique form of art.

Bob was once on the Jay Leno Show for Jay’s outdoor skits comedy show. Bob also participated in the “Love Ride” motorcycle charity for muscular dystrophy where he met the host, Jay Leno and celebrities such as Peter Fonda, Lorenzo Lamas, Dwight Yoakum, and David Croft. Each year Steve donated some of his art for this benefit. Bob especially enjoyed working on a commissioned piece of art for John Travolta at Paramount Productions Studio for a charity event.

Their 30,000 square foot art studio is located in Hollywood, California. Bob reconstructed the warehouse and designed the studio. Employing as many as 20 teens at a time over an 18 -year period, Bob supervised and managed most of these gang kids himself.

Upon the sad and untimely death of Bob’s best friend and partner on Feb. 8, 2010, Bob decided to start work on his own unique style of artwork.

Bob Womack is now exploding under a new name, RAWSAK Studios Inc. thus producing his own brilliant line of art. Bob’s prolific work as an artist and his new ventures as a solo artist has helped reinvent him as a leader in the industry.

He is determined to be the next number one Pop artist in the world.

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