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"This was inspired by a French artists background of Le mans and I could see in my mind's eye Marilyn and James Dean racing in the 24 hour LeMans"

The Le Mans 24 Hour race, officially known as the 24 Hours of Le Mans, is an endurance race held annually in Le Mans, France. The race requires teams of drivers to compete for 24 hours straight, driving their cars around a 13.6-kilometer circuit. The race is considered one of the most prestigious and challenging events in the world of motorsport, with a history dating back to 1923. 

James Dean and Marilyn Monroe are two of the most iconic figures of pop culture in the 1950s. As such, they became popular subjects in the pop art movement of the 1960s. Pop art was a reaction to the consumerist culture and the commercialization of art, and it celebrated the mundane and the everyday. Both James Dean and Marilyn Monroe were celebrated for their performances and their personalities, and they became symbols of the American dream.

In pop art, James Dean is often depicted as a rebel, a figure who is not bound by the conventions of society. His role in the film Rebel Without a Cause made him an icon of youth culture and rebellion. Pop artists often depicted him in vivid colors, emphasizing his cool, laid-back style. The use of bright, bold colors in pop art was intended to make the work accessible and appealing to a mass audience, and James Dean's image was the perfect subject for this technique.

Marilyn Monroe was another popular subject in pop art. She was celebrated for her beauty, her talent, and her tragic life. Pop artists often depicted her in bold, bright colors, emphasizing her sexuality and her vulnerability. Her image was often used to comment on the objectification of women and the pressure to conform to societal standards of beauty. Pop art often played with the idea of repetition, and Marilyn Monroe's image was repeated in many works of art, emphasizing her status as an icon.

Both James Dean and Marilyn Monroe were seen as symbols of a changing America in the 1950s. The post-World War II era was marked by prosperity and optimism, and James Dean and Marilyn Monroe represented a new kind of American hero. They were young, rebellious, and celebrated for their individuality. Pop art celebrated this new kind of American hero and made their images accessible to a mass audience.

Today, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe remain symbols of American popular culture, and their images continue to inspire artists and designers. Their legacy lives on in pop art, which celebrates the ordinary and the everyday and makes art accessible to everyone. Through the lens of pop art, James Dean and Marilyn Monroe remain larger than life, capturing the imagination of generations to come.



Size: 34" x 40"

Technique: Oil Paint on Canvas

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About the author

Bob Womack is best known for working with the famous artist Andy Warhols' apprentice Steve Kaufman. Bob has created thousands of original Pop Art paintings with Steven Kaufman in their famous Rawsak Studios located in Hollywood California.


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